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New Cancer Stopping Pill

PC-3 human prostate cancer cells
PC-3 human prostate cancer cells

Researchers at City of Hope have developed a new pill called AOH1996 that can selectively target and kill solid tumors while leaving healthy cells unharmed. AOH1996 works by inhibiting a mutated form of the protein PCNA, which is critical for DNA replication and repair in cancer cells. Preclinical studies found AOH1996 was able to suppress tumor growth without toxicity in cell and animal models.


This unique mechanism sets AOH1996 apart from other cancer therapies that often lead to resistance. It makes cancer cells more sensitive to chemo drugs like cisplatin as well. AOH1996 is now being tested in human clinical trials. If proven safe and effective, it could become an important new therapy for multiple types of cancer.

The research team was led by Dr. Linda Malkas, who named AOH1996 after a young girl who died from a rare cancer. The goal is to develop personalized medicines that target processes specific to cancer.

While more research is needed, AOH1996 shows promise as a novel pill that could stop tumor growth by exploiting their vulnerabilities.

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