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The 2 Best Exercises to Lower Blood Pressure

woman doing a plank

New research finds that isometric exercises, where you hold a static muscle contraction, are the most effective for lowering blood pressure. These exercises, like planks and wall sits, performed just a few times per week can lower blood pressure comparable to medication.

Isometric exercises provide many other benefits:

  • Improve heart health by enhancing heart function and vascular system.

  • Strengthen muscles around joints to prevent injury. Help address muscle imbalances between limbs.

  • Build strength for sports performance and daily tasks.

  • Easily tolerated by those with injuries or mobility limitations. Adjustable to comfort.

  • Time efficient - just 8 minutes total exercise time per session.

Getting started is easy. Examples are wall squats and planks. Consult a healthcare provider before beginning a new exercise routine.

woman doing a wall squat

Isometric exercises are an efficient way to gain strength and cardiovascular benefits. Adding just a few sessions per week can lead to lower blood pressure and improved health.

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